2020 RLO Community

Tournament of the year!

Season 2 Champions

Division 1 Winners

Forbidden Gaming

Vive $800
Nite $600
Misty $1000
Calstar $600
Fiberr $1000
Total Salary: $4000

Division 2 Winners


Sonic. $400
Smash $300
Mith $400
Syntral $200
YoloBrothers $100
Total Salary: $1400


Season 3

Season 3 is confirmed!

We'll have lots of exciting news to share soon, so sit tight and follow us on socials (below) or jump in the discord to find out more!


We're looking to expand out volunteers!

If you'd like to be involved in the oprations and see behind the scenes of a complex tournament like ODL - hit us up with your skills and dreams, we might be able to find a spot for you!


ODL is looking for all sorts of sponsorships this season!

If you are an Esports Org or a business wanting to interact with the ODL community - get in contact to find out what will suit you best.