OCE Draft League



League play is a single round robin of 10 teams. Each division is split into 2 pools to create the 10 teams that will verse each other.

Top 4 from each pool goes into the Division Finals and face off in a Double Elimination bracket!


Season 4 boasts a $2000 prize pool!

With the inclusion of our new line of merch, champions will also receive a free LIMITED EDITION TITLE ODL Jersey!
Finalists will be offered the opportunity to purchase a LIMITED EDITION FINALIST Jersey at a discounted rate!

Prize pool is split $1200 for DIV 1, $800 for DIV 2.


13/03/22 - LIVE DRAFT
20/03/22 - ROUND 1
27/03/22 - ROUND 2
03/04/22 - ROUND 3
09/04/22 - FINALS DAY 1
10/04/22 - FINALS DAY 2


The LIVE DRAFT will take place on Sunday 13th March @ 4pm AEDT (GMT+11).

Teams were seeded via RNG, and particpate in a SNAKE draft (1->20, 20->1 etc) until every team has 4 members.

Teams have a salary cap of $3100 for Division 1 and $1300 for Division 2. Player salaries have been posted here.


With 20 ORGs participating, you'll be able to get into the competitive spirit, representing your team or following along throughout the season to see which ORG comes out on top!


Total drafted players will be 80 per division, 160 total.

With over 300 signups, this does leave a lot of you left over, but don't worry we have a few ideas to keep you guys occupied and get involved while waiting to see if you get traded into a team!